Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Reisinger, William M., Marina Zaloznaya, and Haofeng Ma. 2022. “The Political Ramifications of Corruption Experience for Political Trust and Pro-Leadership Voting: Evidence from Russia.” Russian Politics 7(2): 287-308.

Works in Progress

Doctoral Dissertation

Ma, Haofeng. “Native Language, Language Policy, and Political Attitudes.”

Committee: Elise Pizzi (co-chair), William M. Reisinger (co-chair),

Frederick J. Boehmke, Frederick Solt, and Wenfang Tang

Research Articles

Ma, Haofeng, and Jeongho Choi. “Medium of Instruction and the Formation of Political Attitudes for Ethnolinguistic Minority Citizens.”

Ma, Haofeng, and Wenfang Tang. “Seeing the Tower of Babel: How Does Dialect Impact Political Attitudes?”

Ma, Haofeng. “Language Matters a Lot: Identifying the Effects of Language Use on Latino Linked Fate.”

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